What I Ate Wednesday

I’ve always loved reading ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ blog posts so I have jumped on the bandwagon 🙂

breakfast smoothie

Breakfast: Smoothie with frozen mango, banana, raspberries, orange juice and maca powder.

Most days I will make myself a smoothie for breakfast. They are easy on the stomach and slowly wake up the digestion. It’s also a good opportunity to get a whole heap of nutrients, vitamins and minerals early on in the day.

corn fritters with side salad

Lunch: Corn fritters topped with hummus and a side salad of organic cucumbers, tomatoes, spring onions and lime.

There was barely anything in the fridge or pantry today so my lunch was very similar to dinner. We were out of avocado which I would usually use to make a tomato, avocado and coriander salsa to go with the fritters. Instead I applied a dollop of Sabra basil pesto hummus and my god it was delicious! It added the perfect amount of spice and texture to the dish.

nutella and banana snack

Snack: Banana slices with nutella spread

As we were out of peanut butter I opted for banana slices and nutella (like it was a hard decision to make 😉 ) Everytime I eat nutella now I’m transported back to eating crepes on the streets of Paris. Ohh how I miss you Paree. I also ate a brazil nut (not pictured) which I take daily, just like a multi-vitamin as they contain more than your daily recommended intake of selenium.

corn fritters with vegetables

Dinner: Corn fritters topped with hummus and served with boiled (no salt) potato, carrot, broccoli and beans.
Note to self: must go grocery shopping tonight 🙂



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