Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide – Week 4 Review

Good Afternoon! Hope you are having a great start to the week. Today, I wanted to chat a bit about my current workout routine. Just over a month ago I was browsing instagram and came across the account of Kayla Itsines, a 23 year old Personal Trainer from Adelaide, Australia. With 1.5 million instagram followers and counting, Kayla is the brains behind the 12 Week Bikini Body Program, a nutrition and workout plan designed specifically for women.

Scrolling through Kayla’s instagram page, I was blown away by the inspirational pictures and stories of women who have transformed their bodies using the bikini body program.


Kayla Itsines client transformations


With summer only a few months away, I wanted to lose a few kgs and tone up for bikini season. I purchased the workout e-book from Kayla’s website, which you can view here.

Note: I didn’t follow the nutritional plan as I am happy with my current diet.

Bikini Body Training Guide Explained


Kayla Itsines bikini body guides


Kayla prefaces the bikini body training guide by sharing her philosophy to healthy living, explaining that she does not promote exclusionary diets (such as no carbs), overexercising or poor body image. For me, It was so refreshing to read this with so many programs advocating the only way to achieve the body you want is to cut the carbs and exercise like a mad woman.

The workouts change week to week which has really helped alleviate boredom and help target a variety of muscle groups. Over the course of a week you will complete the following three styles of training;

Resistance Training:
Performed 3 times a week, each session targets a different muscle group (Legs & Cardio, Abs & Arms & Full Body).
Each workout includes 2 circuits, which you complete 2 times (4 circuits total per workout). You have 7 minutes to complete as many rounds of the circuit you can. The entire workout takes approximately 28 minutes to complete, not counting any rest times (4 circuits x 7 minutes each = 28 minutes in total).

Cardio Training:
Focusing on both LISS (low-intensity steady state) and HIIT (high-intensity interval training), the amount of cardio begins with 2 sessions per week and steadily increases up to 5 sessions by the tail end of the program. LISS training is defined as moderate or long duration cardiovascular training and maintains the same, low-intensity throughout the workout. It is recommended to perform LISS training for 35-45 minutes with activities such as power walking. As I enjoy running, I have been going on steady jogs every second day.

HIIT training consists of two intervals (rest and work) and involves performing a duration of high intensity ‘work’ such as sprinting on a treadmill and then ‘rest’ for an equal duration of time. These workouts are recommended during the final weeks of the program, although I have been incorporating them into my routine when I am short on time as they only take 15-20 minutes to complete.

Rehabilitation (Stretching):
It is recommended to include a rehabilitation (stretching) session once a week. Kayla provides a stretching routine or alternatively you could do yoga or pilates.

Week Four- Results so far
Four weeks in and I’m really enjoying the journey so far. The fact the workouts change every week has kept me interested and excited for what’s next in-store. I’m feeling more energetic and less tired, probably because I’m sleeping so much better!

In regards to weight loss, I have lost about one kg (2 pounds) which is expected for someone who is already at a healthy weight. It can be frustrating seeing it go down slowly but this is much more sustainable than the crash diet programs out there. Who wants to slave away and do all that work and then just put it all on again! Been there, done that. I can also see that my clothing is fitting better and that my arms and abs are toning up.

I know it’s been a long read and I thank you for staying with me. I would love to answer any questions you may have regarding the program and my experiences so far. Leave me a comment below or alternatively send me an email at alloflifescreatures@gmail.com


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