What I Ate Wednesday #3

Happy Hump Day!! Thanks for tuning in for another What I Ate Wednesday.
I had a massive fail today. After returning home from my evening run I was so famished I completely forgot to take a photo before demolishing my dinner. As I have leftovers, I will add a photo tomorrow. Sorry about that 😦



Green smoothie

Green smoothie with frozen mango, banana, orange juice and kale. I also added a few supplements including my Ezy vanilla protein powder (It’s made from organic brown rice and is completely dairy-free), Loving Earth maca powder and Vital Greens.



Eat Rite tamari seaweed crackers

I ate about 1/3 of a packet of these Eat Rite wholegrain brown rice tamari seaweed crackers. They are delicious and free from artificial nasties containing just 5 natural and organic ingredients.



Vegetarian burger wrap

This is fast becoming my quick and easy go-to lunch. It was made with a Wonder White high-fibre wrap filled with a Macro wholefoods mild curry vegetable burger, tomato, cucumber, kale (massaged with a bit of lime juice), avocado and Sabra basil pesto hummus.



Vegetable tarts

*edited to add photo
I devoured these homemade vegetable tarts. They are made with filo pastry and filled with an assortment of vegetables including sweet potato and sundried tomatoes.

40 minute outdoor run.

Question of the day
What is your go-to lunch at the moment?



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