Healthy Eating On A Budget

After returning home from travelling through Europe this year, I knew I needed to curb my spending habits. My boyfriend and I are super excited to be purchasing our first home in the new year so its time to get savvy and start saving!

Going through my transaction history I was actually really surprised at how much I was spending on groceries and eating out. Recently I made some positive changes to my spending habits and thought I would share some tips on how to eat healthy on a tight budget.

Let me know in the comments below what are some of your top tips for eating healthy on a budget πŸ™‚

1. Plan Your Meals To Cut Wastage


I love these meal planners from kikki.K

I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I have thrown away wilted spinach or mouldy tomatoes. Wasted food and wasted dollars and it can be prevented with planning your meals and only buying what you need. Every Sunday, I go through my schedule and work out when I will be home, what meals I will cook and write down exactly what I need to buy.

2. Use All Your Produce Before Purchasing More

In the same vein as the first tip, when you are planning your meals for the week ahead check the fridge and pantry to see what you already have on hand. For example, this week I had leftover kale so I planned to use it in salads and wraps for lunch and stir-fry’s for dinner.

3. Shop Around For The Best Deals


Shop the specials

I rarely grocery shop at one store. Scan the grocery store catalogues for specials of the week and hop online to compare prices store-to-store. It might take a little longer to plan but you can save a lot of dollars $$$

4. Purchase Fresh Produce From Markets And Independent Stores

For the cheapest prices on fruits and vegetables you can’t beat the markets. Ask vendors for any over ripe fruits or vegetables as they are usually heavily discounted.Items such as bananas are at their most nutritious when they are spotty, so buy up big and freeze for later use. Also consider independent grocery stores, its awesome to support smaller companies and they often have a bargain trolley where you can pick up discounted fruits and vegetables.

5. Find The Most Competitive Prices For Supplements


A few of my favourite health shop finds

I love trying new health products and supplements but prices can vary greatly from store to store. I have on several occasions spent over $100 at the health food store so now I visit several stores and head online to find the best deals before purchasing.

6. Make Lunch With Your Co-Workers

At several workplaces my colleagues and I would take turns each week to buy fresh and healthy ingredients to make lunch together. For example, I would buy wraps, avocados, hummus, deli meats (not for me πŸ˜‰ ) and salad ingredients which I would purchase and chop up ready to go for the week ahead. This really cuts down on costs and saves a lot of time not having to buy or cook your lunch. Its also a fun way to bond with your co-workers.

I hope some of these tips have been helpful and I look forward to hearing some of yours.
Have a great day πŸ™‚



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