Adventures In Killarney, Ireland Part Two

Good afternoon friends. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Continuing on with my Ireland series, today I’m sharing the second installment of our adventures in Killarney. You can read Part One here.

After a very sound sleep at Redwood Country House, we were lured out of our comfy bed by the delicious smells of breakfast. As we traveled throughout Europe we rarely came across a ‘big breakfast’ and were looking forward to something hearty and healthy.

Evelyn, our host put on a delicious spread of freshly baked breads, cereals and fruits to accompany the a la carte breakfast menu which had plenty to choose from including a traditional Irish breakfast with black pudding. I opted for something a bit more vegetarian-friendly, simple but delicious scrambled eggs with roasted tomatoes.

After breakfast we packed up the car and thanked Evelyn for her hospitality. We were sad to leave and vowed to come back soon. If you do visit Killarney, I highly recommend Redwood Country House. Here are a few shots we took of the grounds.


Our first stop was a visit to Muckross House & Gardens.

Within Killarney National Park stands Muckross House, a stunning 19th century Victorian mansion. We were fortunate enough to go on a tour of the estate and admired the beautiful ornate interiors as we listened to the stories of the many families who had previously called Muckross home.

Unfortunately we could not take photos inside but the website has a few.

Before we knew it lunchtime was upon us and we decided to dine at the garden restaurant located within the grounds. The ‘cafeteria-style’ restaurant had plenty of hot and cold menu options to choose from plus an impressive spread of sweets.

During our travels throughout Ireland and in some countries throughout Europe and The UK, we noticed people would often have dessert after lunch. Is this a common custom? In Australia we usually reserve dessert for after dinner or on special occasions.

After a delicious lunch, we took a stroll around the beautiful gardens.


Would you check out those Rhododendrons!


I love flowers and we were very fortunate to see the garden while it was in full bloom.


Before heading back to the car, of course I had time for a sneaky shop at the gift store. I ended up purchasing several items to take home including a beautiful photo from photographer Sean Tomkins which you can view here (product code:067)

Our next adventures in Ireland would take us to Kinsale, a historical fishing village in County Cork which I hope to share with you shortly.

Until next time, thanks for reading and enjoy your day 🙂



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