Sweaty Santa Stairs Circuit

Good Evening Guys. Hope your day is going well.

Today I popped into our local pet supplies store to pick up some new balls for Oscar. I’m convinced this dog was a soccer player in a past life. You will either find him kicking the ball around with his snout or following someone around the house trying to convince them to play fetch.


While I was there I also purchased his Christmas present, this adorable pink lamb which he will probably destroy in 5 minutes.

I couldn’t leave without these delicious looking doggie Christmas cookies. Don’t they just look good enough to eat!

So onto today’s workout.

I need to amp up my cardio but two things have been getting in my way. Firstly the weather here is hot, hot, hot! and I’m not a fan of running in the heat. Secondly, my treadmill has decided to die on me 😦

Have you ever hired someone to repair a treadmill? what was your experience?

This stairs circuit is one of my all-time favourite indoor cardio workouts. Alternatively you can do this outside and using stairs or a step. It really is a total body workout and will get you nice and sweaty πŸ™‚




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